Sebby 4a TN States 09 = 100 points?!?!?!?!?

100 points just indicates that all 3 judges had him in first place.

Well, no offense to him but I don’t know how he got 100. That means that he had a perfect freestyle, which he didn’t.

no. it doesn’t mean that.

it means that every judge had him first. since there were only 3 competitors, and mark allen had a really hard time of it, that wasn’t difficult for him to do. it doesn’t mean the judges gave him a ‘perfect 10’. it means every judge had his performance winning.

as one of the three judges, i can guarantee you he had plenty of deductions, but his freestyle was good enough to win easily over the other 2.

I guess I’m just not too familiar with how judging works.

Anyways, congrats and a still amazing freestyle Sebby.

Oh haha, well that makes sense then, I was like how is that 100 points?

are the results up yet? on the website, they arent, but how did you hear about the 100?

Brandon Jackson posted them on most of the forums I believe

thanks. I just saw them, surprised at how well I did! (13th)