MER 09 results!!!

Sports Ladder:
Matt isnburg(sp?)

Josh Hunt

James Bluffington

1st Chris Frasier
2nd Rob Kitts
3nd Sebastian Brock (not from region)
4rd Connor Scholten
5th Issac Sams
6th Peterson Yo
7th Randy Jansen
8th Nick Onuska
9th Conner Ebbinghouse
10th Eric Reister
11th Luke Taylor
12th Tyler Koske
13th Michael Barilleaux
14th Alex Sovanski
15th Noah Taylor
16th Abraham Garcia

1st Rob Kitts - 93.94
2nd Connor Scholten - 91.09

1st Connor Scholten - 100.00
2nd Sebastian Brock (not from region) - 11.61
3rd Randy Jansen - 4.65

1st Connor Scholten - 100.00
2nd Sebastian Brock (not from region) - 53.08
3rd Tyler Koske - n/a

1st Connor Scholten - 89.25
2nd Sebastian Brock - 82.82 (not from region)
3rd Connor Ebbinghouse - 64.90
4rd Tyler Koske - 39.92
5th Randy Jansen - 30.83

Congrats to all!


Yikes… 4.65 in 3A? That’s embarrassing. :frowning:

At least he got up there to freestyle.

Everyone has one bad day in competition.

(My 4A when I missed 2 minutes of tricks)

He was probably just having fun on stage, after all its for fun :slight_smile:


I know. I just stated that it is. :slight_smile:

But you also said “That’s embarrassing”

Wow dude.
Have you even placed in the Top 3 at any contest?

Have you even been to a contest?
Or tried 3A?

Wow! I did bad oh well… but there was a guy whos best trick was rock the baby and a came ahead of me :stuck_out_tongue:

hey and where did you get the info on this from

I didn’t know Sebby did 3A and 4A!

No, but I know how it feels.

Also, Randy Jansen is an awesome yoyoer, he is just not well known.
He could beat you any day.

Never said he couldn’t. Where’d you even get that from?

YouTube. And you’re the one who started it by offending him.

Oh. Did’t see that. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was 1A. He is good. But we were talking about 3A. That was why I asked. :slight_smile:

Once again:

I have tried 3A. With a Lyn Fury, and an eight8eight.

Didn’t work well, the Lyn fury didn’t sleep long enough.

So that uh, knocked down only one of the 3 things? Have you ever competed in 3a at least?

I’ve never competed in my life. Hopefully, MA States 2010 will be my 1st J1A.

I know how it feels, because I’ve been in a talent show with my friend at a band concert, and he messed up soooo bad. He couldn’t land a bind. And it had a HUGE audience, like, 2X worlds.

So you saw someone else mess up, therefore you know how it feels? Please explain.

Anyways, I don’t think you should even comment his score at all. 3a is in my eyes the hardest style out there. And placing 3rd in MER is actually a pretty respectable. Don’t try to undermine that by pointing out his score. As you can see Randy placed 7th in 1a, which is pretty respectable as well.

And if you take a look at how Sebastian Brock scored in 3a, he didn’t do that much better, but I highly doubt he is embarrassed by it. And now we are talking about Sebastian Brock, 2nd runner up in Worlds 2008.

I bet both of them had lots of fun. You don’t need a good score to have fun.


May 15, 2009. CHCS (our old school’s name) Showcase Festival 3. A band concert. We had a talent show/concert mixed in, and it took about 3 hours for the whole thing.

We got up on stage, they played the music, we did tricks, he messed up terribly. He couldn’t land a Split Bottom Mount, Bind, missed Eli Hops, no go on Suicides, the only trick I saw him get was Buddah’s Revenge.

Meanwhile, I’m doing perfectly. Messed up, about 4 times in a 3 minuite time-elapse.

After we got off stage, they applauded, at that audience, I can tell you, was about 2X World’s audience.

He got off, went back to his seat, (plays the French Horn) I went back to our area. (Percussion)

He was sad, started crying. Rarely anybody saw him. Thank god.

He wasn’t too happy, and now he quit Yo-Yoing because of that mess up. I don’t blame him. Mabye I would if I messed up, too.

So basicly, the next Monday, everyone else quit, because they thought they were going to be laughed at, too, because of the hobby they play, and he ruined it for him.

I stayed with it, and here I am, writing a story about it. I’m pretty much the only person in our school that Yo-Yos now. Nobody laughs at me, they actually think I’m good.

But for him, he got into a new hobby.

And the place we played at, was our school’s gym. HUGE gym. Where everyone can see you. :o

Bottom line: I just said it was embarrassing. I made a statement, and I didn’t turn this into an arguement. Not me, somebody else. :slight_smile: