SeaSick help

i need help on sea sick i dont really know the motion for that trick. ??? ??? ??? ???

The motion is very unique to the trick and will just need a little bit of adjusting the mind to at first, don’t worry, the trick is just supposed to be like this.

The motion is similiar to moving your hands up and down, except it is done out of sync, one hand “follows” the other. Move your front hand up first, then following it with the back one. Before the back hand comes down, the front hand has almost come back to where you started.

It’s like a wave.
Watch from 31 seconds to 32 seconds:

Doing this while letting the yo-yo follow the motion by hitting the top and bottom strings gets you seasick (lol, lame pun).

Watch Andre’s motions closely to help see what I mean. After getting the motion down, seasick becomes quick easy and it’s only a matter of accuracy.

It’s ridiculously fun to do too.

This might help: