Sea sick critique?

Am I performing the steps correctly? Is there anything that jumps out as being wrong? I just learned the trick and I want to make sure that I’m doing all of the steps the right way. Thanks :slight_smile:

You’ve got it a little mixed up, your throw hand should be in front. It looks like you’re rolling back one extra time, just pop the yo-yo up after the first one. Does that make sense?

Seasick is a tricky one, Might have to check out the tutorial again.

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This is one of those tricks I always wish I took the time to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah seasick :stuck_out_tongue:

Took me two years off and on to finally master.

Hmm not sure where I got the idea to move the yo-yo back a second time. The trick is a lot harder now :o!

Yeah it’s a tough one, once you start to get the rhythm it will click.