Yooo so I’ve just started to learn seasick but no tutorial really explains how to bounce the yoyo onto the top string. Like what do u do with your throw hand and non throwhand? Plus the one time I do get it to bounce on the top string, it misses the bottom string. It’s frustrating and I need help!!!

Yea its hard. Try doing it from a brother mount or a 1.5 to get the motion down. Ive been able to to do it for about a year and I still miss often so just keep trying and practicing.

Do the actual seasick in a regular split bottom mount to get down the feel for it.

Ok here goes…

  1. Split bottom mount of course
  2. Land on back string of course
  3. If you do the trick right the cycle should be like this: front hand up, back hand up and front hand down, front hand up and back hand down etc.
  4. Get the yoyo to pop up by pulling your hand apart slightly
  5. Step 3

I totally understand your pain with this trick. It’s probably one of the most frustrating tricks to learn in all honesty.
One thing that greatly helped me learn was shortening my string by doing a few rolls first after the split bottom mount. Theres less string for the yoyo to miss and over time, you can slowly let out more string until you will eventually be at a point where you can do the trick on a full length string.
Worth a try if you are curious. Otherwise, keep at it! There are some players who are top tier competitors who can’t even do this trick, so you are very much not alone.
Best of luck!

Much like boing boing, seasick took me forever. Just keep at it and you’ll get the motion down. I can film a video if you’d like, I do it pretty well.

It would be cool if u can do a video

According to Tyler Severence in the Supernova Video, even he can’t do it lol.

(Check out the end of the vid).

He learned how to do it.

That video is old. You can see Tyler doing Seasick in the Yoyofactory ONE video.


The only thing shortening the string helps with is landing on the string… it doesn’t help with the motion

I actually found that with less string, the motion seemed to “click” faster.
Its worth a shot anyway!