Tips for seasick????

it just seems impossible. 2 months of praticing and i got nothing. do you have any tips to master this trick? like what is the difference between boingy and seasick

I am having the same problem myself.

All I can tell you , is that for seasick , make sure with the up and down motion , make sure your hitting the strings.

Also , it’s good to alternate up and down , up and down , up and down.

thats all i got.

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Seasick… I don’t even have it down. One day Gary Longoria did a strange Chain Reaction, but bailed out at the last minute. Learn a proper chain reaction*, and work from there to make a big, slow, rolling motion.

*Learn Chain Reaction here:


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Note: icthus says it took him 7 whole years. Good luck with that.

there are about 6 people in the world who can really do ‘seasick’ in the way that gary does. i thought mine was fine - like pretty much everybody’s… until he picked it apart at canada nats and showed me exactly how it’s different. it’s one of those tricks that everybody can kind of do ‘an approximation of’, but SO FEW can actually do as it was laid out. when gary does it, the yo-yo follows a wide figure 8; not just an up/down EKG wave.
if you honestly want to learn it, seek the gary in alameda, ca.

i watch both andre and gary did it. the way gary did was so, i don’t no, truely mind-twisting. that’s how exactly seasick done. it goes on a huge wave motion.
@carlG: really??? 7 YEARS???

Sector Y ( will be doing a Sea Sick tutorial within the next month or so. I’ll be filming, and Gary will be doing all of the instruction. I haven’t figured out if it’s myself or Gary doing the voiceover, but it should be pretty comprehensive on every level. It’s going to probably be a couple/few weeks before it’s up, because there are a lot of tiny nuances to observe. But help is coming. :slight_smile:

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Is this this the REAL seasick?

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That video helped me i think i just got it.