Script "LOTR" "My Precious" 888


Got this in a trade today. Never seen one that wasn’t annoed purple. Anyone know any thing about this edition? Its NOT a B-grade.


Those were raw and polished from the factory.


all i know is that is probably the best looking yoyo ever.


Looks great, but I prefer the purple ones.


I’m not sure. The polished raw is a good look as well. Curious to know for sure if that is indeed polished and raw from YYF. I believe there were 25 purple ones sold. If it came from YYF like that I’m curious as to how many there are like it.


I was wrong lol, this one was just stripped and polished.




(George Wollaston) #8

Gasps I must haves the precious!


I will be putting it up for sell on the forums or ebay just not sure which yet.

(WildCat23) #10



That looks amazing.


sickest yoyo ever.


I just want to say thanks for putting it on eBay. Not trying to brag, really, but I now own this thing and it’s absolutely flawless. It’s also possibly the smoothest 888 I’ve ever played. Not kidding. New Avalanche and this thing arrive in the mail on the same day? Best yoyo day EVER! So happy.


I’m pretty sure that yoyo was on ebay up until last thursday. I last look @ it with about 8 mins left in the auction. The no reserve bid was up to $41.00. Bye the time I logged into eBay to bid (forgot my new password) the eight minutes were up and the item was gone from ebay. Sure would love to know what it finally went for.


One yoyo to rule them all! 8)