Screwed up All Metal Freehand

So once upon a time I had an all metal Free hand that worked awesome then one day a horrible incident bent the axel so that now there is a terrible vibe in what used to be one of my smoothest yoyos. Is there any way to straighten a bent axel, or am I screwed on this one.

If you merely bent the axle and not the hole the axle threads into you can just replace the axle. An M4-.7 setscrew will be a perfect replacement.

:’( Sadly friend this is the piece of … well metal freehands do not have the removeable axle that the plastic ones do it is the same metal as the yoyo itself

Um… unless your Metal Freehand (actually called Metal Zero) is NOT really Duncan, it has a removable Axle. AND should have come with a 2nd Axle.

Erm… cover with a piece of cloth, take plier, twist out axle. Insert by doing the same thing.

I have fixed plenty of metal zero’s. The axle is totally removable.

It twists out? Ok I’ll give it a whirl.