Scratched my watch face

I’m hoping there are some watch enthusiasts here.

Does anyone know how to repair a scratched watch face? I have two watches and I’ve scratched both of their faces.

They are mineral watch faces.

I appreciate any tips and advice you might have.

Silly GregP, what help is your canadian google link? I’m looking for info on watches, not maple syrup or mooses.  :smiley:

So far I have tried to use toothpaste, let it dry and then try and polish out the scratches. Doing this about three times now, I haven’t seen much progress. Do I need to do this more to see any results or are there better ways?

hello, if it is mineral glass can not do anything, you can not polish it and there are no remedies, you can only replace it.
I always take off my watch when I play, is to safeguard the yoyo that the clock and sees that I have a watch with a sapphire (corundum) that can only be scratched by diamond.

toothpastes or various rumors are just hoaxes

The toothpaste isn’t abrasive enough I guess. I don’t know what to recommend. :wink: I was mostly being a smartarse.

Diamond paste polishing compound: