Buffing scratches out of 18K gold???


Title says it all,
Got a spyy pure and there’s two small scratches on it and wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to get them buffed out or something

Pic: https://imgur.com/Dl54S04


You’re going to loose gold polishing those out. You would also probably be able to see a slight dish where they were as you would have to go that deep to get them totally out. If you just did the whole face you would loose some of the design then.

You might want to just lightly polish the whole face with a polishing compound? You can see machine marks over the whole face where a polishing compound would remove most of those and also lessen the ability to see the scratches with a higher shine on the whole face but they would still be there. A polishing compound will have a very high grit in the compound itself so you would still be polishing off some gold but not much. Also, stick to hand polishing it as a dremel tool will almost definitely leave swirl marks.

You could even take it to a jeweler and see what they charge or recommend.

Good luck.