School projects?

So, what have you guys done for your school projects? I recently made this

I feel like I should make more YoYo videos now that I have some expirience with editing/filming. What do you guys think?

Customized a computer case at a metal fab shop to make it water cooling compatible

Been watching monty python lately?

For school projects for me right now I have to build an aluminum atom model what fun!

Lucky!!! how did you get to take the class?

All i did recently was draw a map of the us in 1803.

It wasnt a class, it was my senior project. I literally went to a random shop and started talking to them and they let me do it :slight_smile:

As a class project, each person gets to pick something that they like, and then write a report on it. I’m doing history of the yoyo, and I’m gonna make a yoyo, too. So I’m excited. For my presentation I’m gonna have to perform for some class parents, so I’m also incredibly nervous…