SBL! – Ep 057 – The very last episode ever

That’s right. The last episode of String Burn LIVE! ever. To conclude our 57 episode run we will be reviewing the very excellent OneDrop MMN. Kirby will be in studio to provide antics. SBL BFF Justin Foell will be on hand to teach us an awesome trick (spoiler alert: I’ve seen the trick, it is awesome).

Let’s see, we will also be talking about AirGlow Strings ( aaaaand reading your emails and listening to your voicemails! and 210-STBURNL (210-782-8765).

Show goes LIVE! at 11am central, check the countdown clock at


(I would much rather have emails and voicemails about how much you enjoyed the show than ones trying to convince me to keep the show going)

NOOOO! I just started watching string burn live a little while ago. :frowning: At least kirby will be there. :slight_smile: Its the best yoyo show ever. Well, its probably the only one. :stuck_out_tongue: But still. :smiley: Again, NOOOOOOOOOO!


Why are you canceling it? It was a Dang good show.

AirGlow Strings on the last SBL. Wow, thats just bitter-sweet. :-[

But in other words. This is very sad that this is the last episode. I really enjoyed the show (and my Fury).

Thank you for making my saturdays delightful!

What he said.

why are you taking down the show? :’(
Maybe I can host? :wink:
My birthday is the day after the show, maybe I should get the MMN

This isn’t happening…I don’t want SBL to go be gone…I love it… :frowning:

This last episode is going to be the first episode I watch :(.

NOOO! i’ve only been watching for 10(ish) weeks…
It was always the highlight of my week. in addition to the weekend coming, i got my weekly dose of awesome. I wish it didn’t have to go :’(

:’( :’( :’( sniff sniff how could you? sniff :’( :’(

on soon!

ill miss watching SBL and learning my trick of the week… guess ill get to sleep in thou… WHooo0p!!

Man, didn’t see this thread early enough.

I didn’t watch SBL often, but when I did, I greatly enjoyed it. It was a great show, and will be missed.

I totally forget, did they foreshadow this on the previous episode? If not then this was pretty short notice. I’m gonna do a shot in the dark and guess there was a complication with the studio they use. Either that or it’s april 1st

checks calender


i have never heard of this show im watching it right now and its awesome! will the episodes stay online? and congrats to airglow! i want to try some string ill be shootin a PM soon.

they will stay there on the same website

I’m haveing a midlife crisis and i’m only 13… I DONT WANNA DIE AT 26!!!

dun worry, I SHALL KILL YOU TODAY!!!

When will they put the last episode on the recent episodes, I could watch the episode completely. Lol I answered the trivia question correctly and I didn´t won, does the one that answers correctly first win.