SBL! – Ep 045 – SPYY MEGASODE PART 1 – Saturday at 11am Central

Many of you have noticed that we have not aired an episode of String Burn LIVE! for the past 2 weeks. I suppose you can consider that the end of Season 1 and on Saturday we will have the start of Season 2 with our first ever 2 part episode which we are deeming the MEGASODE! On Saturday we will have a review of the SPYY Punchline! and the SPYY Addiction 2. We will also have a skype interview with SPYY team member Guy Wright.

Yep! We have lots of exciting stuff planned for the coming weeks! So please tune in Saturday morning at and watch!
(please see the countdown timer at for a more precise idea of when the show will start).

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that we will be GIVING AWAY the Punchline! and the Addiction. How does that sound?

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No Love from YoYoExpert ???

Big hug. :smiley:



Thank you so much SBL. I was the winner of the Y Factor on the last episode. I really want to thank one drop for the amazing throw, terrapin for the awesome bearing, and G string for some wonderful string. Most of all, I really want to thank String Burn Live though for the great service they provide to our community and for the awesome prize. They also threw in a SBL velvet yoyo bag.