SBL! – Ep 041 – Kirby’s Lament – Saturday at 11am Central!

SBL! is going to be on Saturday as per usual. I don’t think we are going to be reviewing or giving away a yo-yo this week. I hope you can deal with that. Gavin Lent will be in the studio to teach us his trick called The Jake Bullock Coolio Triangle.

Also! We will have our first Metal Makeover yo-yo in the studio to really show you what the ModFather can do!

11am central time. I’ll let you work the rest of the times out on your own. (did you notice the countdown timer on ? It’s rad).

We need your feedback too! or call us at 210-STBURNL (210-782-8765)


Change of plans! Dr YoYo has decided to donate a New Breed to review! How cool is that? So we will be reviewing and then giving away a New Breed? Isn’t that guy just the best?

Dryoyo, You sir are a winner in my eyes. And why is it titled Kirby’s Lament? (Sorry, I haven’t been able to catch up on the newer episodes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only because we didn’t have a yo-yo to review. Now we do! So now the show is called New Breed!

I’m pumped about this show. Last show before Minnesota States. Got the epic Metal Makeover segment. Can’t wait!

OI!  The show is now posted.

Check-it check-me-out.  I’m guaranteed to rock and turn the party out.