SBL! – EP 021 –Hspin The Cut- Saturday 10am Central

Due to the fact that Schalicto is currently on a a Effing boat! ( Seriously…he actually is on a boat) he is not with us for SBL!

This weeks episode features Hspins rather hella fancy looking yoyo called “The Cut”. Review time!

Sean And Kirby is of course filling in for this episode with their crazy antics.

The special guest for SBL this time is none other then…me. Zammy! So expect so interesting conversations as Sean (or Kirby) Interviews me one on one!

I’ll also be doing the trick tutorial where I shall be showing you all the trick known as “Moebicide”.

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The time of the webcast again is Saturday Morning at…
• 10am Central
• 11am Eastern
• 9am Mountain
• 8am Pacific

And SBL will be broadcasting from


The cut is 1 oh my fav’s.
I’ll be there to watch it!

I’m definitely there.

Episode is now posted on the website and the podcast is out on the RSS feed.  ENJOY!

hahaha. Funny, I was just on the website just before it was added.