SBL! – EP 018 – H20 – Saturday 10am Central Time

Hella whats up?!?!? It’s time again for String Burn LIVE! The first and foremost LIVE! video webcast on the whole of the interwebs. This week we are brining you a review of the HSpin/Oxygène highbred yo-yo, the H20.

Because this is a particularly controversial yo-yo for some people, I want to make a special request…. If you have any questions/issues about the H20 that you would like addressed in the review? Please email us at and we will do our best to address your issue and answer your question.

And did I mention that you could win an H20 of your very own donated by HSpin yo-yos and 20 GString Yo-Yo String donated by WOW!!! That’s a lot of prizes!!! Isn’t that terrific?!?! Terrificywific!

Also a trick tutorial and yo-yo news highlights from this week in yo-yo!
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Nobody has any questions about $180 H2O? I find that hard to believe.

Oh my goodness! I have questions but I will wait for the show though! Seriously. This is one yoyo I am looking forward to. By the way, HSpin is very generous.

I do have one question. Why is it so controversial?

There have been complaints about vibe… and other issues that just shouldn’t exist in an $180 yo-yo.

Really? Vibe? Coming from a HSpin/Oxy collaboration? Wow. I can’t wait for that argument!

Well in that case, I suggest you evaluate the complaints of course!

If that was meant for me JM, yes. I will. I try to keep myself as unbiased as possible.

Oh Sweet!!! John-Bot is going to be in studio tomorrow to teach us a yo-yo trick! I can’t wait!

Oh cool! I can’t wait!

It’s 8am and that means just 2 hours until String Burn LIVE! goes LIVE! There is still time to send us an email at or leave us a voicemail at 210-STBURNL.

10 minutes until SBL!!! Come watch it now!!!


Thank you so much SBL, you guys rock!!!

Gratz on winning!

Episode is now posted on our website and it’s avb in iTunes!