SBL! – EP 022 – Modfather – Tomorrow at 10am Central

Who’s ready for a new episode of String Burn LIVE!? I sure am. This week we are reviewing a custom modified Duncan Freehand 2 by The Modfather himself Perry Prine, it’s pretty special, and you won’t want to miss it.

In addition to that we will have local yo-yoer Jordan Ley in the studio to teach us a trick.

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We webcast LIVE! at 10am Central time which is UTC – 6 hours
• 11am Eastern
• 9am Mountain
• 8am Pacific
I do hope you’ll join us.

1 Hour until String Burn LIVE! starts!

Thirty Minutes Left!

its live! + thanks for playing my voice mail, yes i am “that kid” ;D

Thanks to everyone who tuned in today, the show is now available for all you late comers.  And a huge thanks to Jordan Lahr for teaching one of the coolest tricks that we have had on String Burn LIVE! if you missed the tutorial, be sure to check out his trick “Curb your Enthusiasm”.

Tune in next week for our episode 022 and our review of the HSpin NVX