So here’s a fun little combo that’s easy to do, but has some nice elements. It’s my first “real” combo, but I finally got around to doing it. So savior: (I might put up a video later of me doing it, not teaching it)

TH=throw hand
NTH=Non-throw hand

  1. Start with a Houdini Mount
  2. Drop the string on your TH
  3. Swing the yoyo CCW around your NTH
  4. Swing the yoyo CW around your NTH (you should be in a trapeze with a twist around the axle)
  5. Swing the yoyo CCW back over your NTH
  6. Swing the yoyo clockwise over both hands, ending in a trapeze
  7. From the trapeze, move the yoyo over to your TH, like matrix, except put it around your TH elbow
  8. At the same time drop the string on your NTH
  9. As the yoyo is swinging around, catch it in a trapeze with your free NTH
  10. Swing the yoyo once CW around your NTH and miss the string to the front
  11. Pluck the nearest string coming from your NTH with your TH, ending in a Double or Nothing
  12. Black hop back to a trapeze (or skip it if you can’t Black Hop) and bind

It sounds confusing, so I think a video would help. Let me know what you think!


yea make a video please :stuck_out_tongue:


Please make a video


I understood until step 9. A video would help, please.


ok, I know it’s confusing, so I just made a video of me doing the trick. It should look smoother than this, of course. If you still have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them :D.