Save an adorable dog from evil heartworms

My friend is fostering a really friendly dog, but unfortunately, he has heartworms and won’t be adopted in a permanent home unless they are killed (i.e. he will die from worms eating his heart or be euthanized). My friend can’t afford the treatment, so we’ve setup a fund. If you love dogs and hate disgusting worms that live in your heart and kill you, please donate a few dollars and save this dog’s life.

I’ve personally known the person fostering the dog for 15 years, so I know the dog is real and all the money will go towards killing the worms.

Disgusting Heartworms:

How to defeat evil:

Alrighty then. I threw up! Thanks! Could have done without the picture.

I donated - I’d hate it if that happened to my dog.

It’s probably best to remove that picture, some people don’t react well to pictures of worm infested organs… :-\

i think you should keep the pic. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH GUYS? but seriously.

Thank you so much for donating! I have mixed thoughts about the picture. I completely see how people would react negatively to it, and that’s not pleasant. At the same time, I feel like it accurately portrays how scary and immediate Bronson’s dilemma is. I’m no donation expert. I’m sure the image grosses some people out, but hopefully it makes some people stop and think about exactly how bad things are going to be if this dog doesn’t get treatment.

A lot of people ask for money. I don’t donate to many causes, especially because a lot of them have crazy high percentage of “administrative overhead” - but I know the girl who’s fostering this dog really well. She’s been an animal rights activist since she was 12. We went to school together. Now she’s 28 and working for an animal medicine company while fostering this dog and several others. When I got depressed at night in high school, she’d pick me up and drive me to Waffle House. She took Bronson to the vet to get neutered, and it was really disappointing when the heart worm test came back positive. That’s usually a death sentence for a foster animal.

I recently lost my cat, LeBeef, to an incurable virus. The end was not pretty, but I’ll spare you the details. I spent a lot of money at the vet. I fed him the finest cat food available for the year I had him. Unlike most cats, he liked to be carried around outside. In the end, he died from a virus he probably contracted before I adopted him. It feels awful, even several months later. LeBeef stood out at the shelter because he came to the door of his room, looked through the window, and he was absolutely fascinated by my yo-yoing.

So between the memory of my awesome (but unfortunately dead) cat and how giving and selfless I know Bronson’s foster mom is – I’m really happy his condition is treatable, and it’s a cause where a few bucks is a good investment in making the world a better place. But yeah, that picture definitely is disgusting.

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My family’s dog had heart worm, also lyme disease.

It was dang expensive to fix that.

Hope the dog gets through it!