Saturn V promo video

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The Saturn V just came out today.  I also finished my video today.  Comments and feedback are always appreciated.  Thank you to theguitarplayer for filming.


Man, that last trick was awesome. And also that one rejection close to the end. Awesomeness


10/10 would watch again.

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The video doesn’t end at 2:00 in case anyone thought it does. Youtube says the average view length is 1:54.

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Attention spans are to short to fully enjoy the awesomeness.

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Probably. I just don’t want people to think the blackness in the middle is the end of the video.

The last trick was actually a mistake. I didn’t make the bind at the end(which is why I cut it off).

thank you very much!


Excellent offstring play. I liked the nighttime outdoors locale. Makes me want to play more offstring now. Thanks for sharing!


Yes! I need a 4a yoyo now.

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Good! Get a Saturn V, it’s only $40.

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Do you mind if I bump this one more time?

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Bump as much as you like!

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glad you’re okay with it.