-Strange Books-

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This is my newest video. It’s the last video (for a while) that will have yoyoing as the only focus. Any feedback is appreciated.


Watch in 720p or 1080p for the best qaulity

Comments are welcome.

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^ thanks.


Why your last?

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It’s not my last. Just the last for a while.


Perfect. Nice last video. I’ll miss your videos :frowning:

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I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

Don’t get to bummed though. I’m saving up for a new camera for a while, plus I’m working on something BIG. Real Big. Bigger than any one thing I’ve worked on in a while. Only Texas can surpass it in bigness.

But like I said, this is the last video for quite some time.


I love the way you work the theme into the video. I always get a chuckle, like when you stopped to check out one of the books haha. That editing with the yo-yo in the beginning was cool too. Another nice clip from you, and the best trick part was the green triangle. Good job.

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I’m glad you enjoy the themes. In this case it really came out of nowhere and wasn’t planned. The GT is really fun to do. Thanks for watching.

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