Saturday Night Lights

Hey guys, here’s my newest video that I made. I put some new tricks in there that I would love to hear some feedback on. I hope you enjoy!!


I really liked that reject(?) tower you did towards the end.

Really cool vid. If you’re applying for g-squared though, don’t you think you should use one of their throws? :wink:

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haha thanks :slight_smile: Unfortunately the closest Albatross is over an hour away, so sadly I was unable to use one for this video.

should be all good, I mean Gsquared and Onedrop work together on things hence the dragon slayer and wasteland ano Gsquared yo’s I do not think they will care you did not use a Gsquared, Its all about the yoyoer not the yoyo!

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Loved the trick and you had a wonderful backdrop. But let’s face it you had me sold the second I saw Ronald Jenkees’ “Days Away”.

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So good! Really hope you get picked up by GSquared!

Really liked this. Cinematically and trick wise, all around a really nice watch.
Im curious of your lighting source? Looked like some sort of overhead lighting, whatever it was made a really unique and cool effect.

Trick wise, Nice to see someone using wrist bucket elements. I feel that its a mount/element that is slowly getting lost among other more popular mounts and elements, which is sad because there is so much that can be done with it.

Nice stuff, pleasure to watch, and thanks for sharing!



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I’m glad to see that there’s someone here who appreciates Ronald Jenkees! :smiley: I’m kinda bummed he didn’t include any raps on his newest cd though.

You are correct about it being an overhead light. It took us awhile to find a street light that was bright enough lol