Glow - Yoyo Video


Hey everyone, I recently got a new lighting set up Ill be filming with.  To sum it up, its a pretty neat glowing string effect! Heres a few throws with a OneDrop 54.  All input is appreciated! Thanks!
-John Hasselback


This is amazing.


Thanks! means a lot!


You are very welcome.
Hope to see more stuff like this!


Awesome keep the videos coming!


this is a great video and good tricks but to make it even cooler try using a glow-in-the-dark-yoyo like the yyf starlite or die-nasty


Thanks! Subscribe me on youtube to make it easy to fallow. I usually put out a few videos a month.


Thanks man! I love onedrop yoyos. I just play what I like and onedrops are what I like haha! Ill keep that in mind though :slight_smile: