Preview tricks for New video release on Alt youtube account, check it!

As some people know, after I left Onedrop I’ve been in a yoyo funk. I deactivated facebook and was not really talking to a lot of people or yoyoing. Personal things have happened but I am getting back to my feet.

With that said, I have made a new 1a clip video which will be released April 1st.

In the mean time, I have recorded the tricks individually and uploaded on my new alt youtube account, which is a place as a trick library for all the tricks I’ve made over the years.

I haven’t named the tricks yet so thats why they are numbed.

If you want to check it, great!


Awesome stuff.

Question though. Whats up with your string near the end of the yoyo in some of the older vids? a couple inches above the yoyo it looks almost frayed.

You put out some great stuff. I hope life gets better for you:)

Thanks for taking a look.

Some of the older vids…you mean on the alt account or in my clip videos? I tend to play yoyo hardcore, thus using the string all the way until its near death. I know in the new batch of videos I was using a ZYPE string that was almost near its end.

Just what I do.

Anyone else out there see this?


Thanks man, appreciate it!

The full length video will be released April 1st, so be sure to see it.

This is not a april fools joke…or is it?

Got any tips for geting the most out of your string? For longer usage.