I think YYE should start carrying sandpaper for satining.

So many kids are saying they don’t know what grit/ polish to use on their yoyo for satining/ polishing it, so why doesnt YYE start carrying the correct grit types?


It’s commonly available at the hardware store.

True, but so is flowable silicone.

Why can’t YYE carry sandpaper, since they also carry flowable silicone?

Flowable silicone is actually pretty tough to find in certain areas.

Sand paper, on the other hand, is very easy to find in all different forms.

There seems to be more interest in putting silicone in a yo-yo than satining it. I think they would sell a ton more silicone than sandpaper. The nature of using silicone seems more “necessary,” as many yo-yos will not work without it. Satining is moreso a matter of preference. Also, as someone stated, one is easier to find in the general market than the other.

Good points.

Twas just a whim