sanded shutter rims

({RTD} alecto) #1

So i was bored yesterday day and finally decided to fix the messed up rims on my shutter. I think it looks pretty good,enjoy.




Hmmm, has a distinct YYJ look to it. :slight_smile:

({RTD} alecto) #4

at times it reminds me of a spacecowboy

(Erik Kerber ) #5

That gives it a nice flashy look


I like it ! When I get another Shutter or Shu Ta I’ll do that with my trusty old one :stuck_out_tongue:

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #7

How did you do that? Like what things do you need and method to do it.

({RTD} alecto) #8

sadly i have to say R.I.P. shutter it fell off a table yesterday and broke… the threading stripped out and there is a rather large bump on the finger spinning hole.

(Erik Kerber ) #9

Ouch! greiving the lose of a yoyo us hard