Sad Freestyle Song?

What do you guys think of a sad freestyle song? I have one that fits in perfectly with my style, but I got some feedback that yoyoing music should be more upbeat and happy. Would you guys agree that I should change the music, even though the current one fits in great with my freestyle?

I like the idea. I’d love to see a video of it.

I made a video with that song in the videos section of the forum, and someone told me that it just feels like yoyoing should have a happy feeling to it, since you know… it’s a fun thing to do. I totally agree with this, just not sure how others feel about it. If I do end up using it, it’s my finals freestyle for BAC, so gotta make sure I get there first ;).

watched it.

I liked as it started, but what kills it is the vocals. I think a somber song can work fine, but I suppose that’s preference, and I’ve always been a bit of an odd duck.

Don’t think that song works though.

I like the song and I like the video but I think that they are not a very good fit together.

I wanted to do a more relaxed song for my freestyle but the feedback i got was that it was boring.
I feel that a sad song also makes mistakes more noticeable as you are often doing slower tricks.

Nothing’s set in stone, just give it some thought… :slight_smile:

I don’t see why not, personally. If it fits in w/ your yoyo style, I say go for it.