Ryan On Fire- Cross Your Fingers, and Arms!

Here’s the tut for Ryan On Fire! Enjoy!

feedback welcome.



Awesome. You’re supposed to burn the match longer, but oh well. The trick was nice. Lots of good elements and it’s really fun to do :D. However, the last part I think was a bit vague.

Nice dude! :smiley:

awesome. pretty easy to follow ;D

Cool! I just learned it :wink:

I watched it once and got the trick, you made it really simple and easy great job Panda!!!

Thanks guys!

Oh, where’d the name come from?

With the spaztic look of the trick, I just thought of someone on fire and I pulled “Ryan” out of the air.

Ha, awesome. I thought maybe you had a friend named Ryan and he…say…got in a fight with a lighter or match and lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Oh and sweet looking trick Panda ;D

where are you from - you make very clear videos and what kind of music do you play - i am a jazz musician myself - and i know you had freddie freeloader on one of your older tuts

I’m from Pontiac Michigan but I live in Nashville now. I’m actually in a sort of Indie/Screamo band called It’s Been In Caves. But I try play a variety of styles, including jazz, blues, and pop such as Steely Dan.

Awesome trick, amazing tutorial. You are amazing.

Thanks! I really appreciate all the support you guys give me.