Me&Marie- A Friendly Kind of Tutorial

(Zach Smith) #1

New tut for one of my originals. Ryan On Fire coming in the next couple of days.

Feedback please.


great trick i got to start learning it

(Zach Smith) #3

Thanks! It’s not my best but its super fun and that’s what it’s all about! :smiley:


Ha nice. Good elements and a nice trick. Loved the dancing too. It was kind of dark though, as in not much light.

(Zach Smith) #5

Yeah, I’m working on getting another light. Like a legit light. It’ll make my stuff look ten times better.


Yeah. Outside is good light too.


I have a friend who’s name Marie! If I learn this trick, I would able to show it to her.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Zach Smith) #8

It’s just so expletive hot.

Thats cool! This is the only way I could show my friend. She moved away before I made the trick.


Nice trick, i really like it!

(Jesse) #10

I saw a tutorial called this…I clicked on it HOPING AND HOPING that it would be PandaJoe’s. IT WAS! Great tutorial, keep doing what you do! (I always say that)

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

Nice Tut Joe! :smiley:

(Zach Smith) #12

Thanks guys! I appreciate it! :smiley:

(Jesse) #13

Yeah, you bettah! (That’s different, I usually compliment him again after he responds…weird…)

(JM) #14

When I saw the title and opened it, I thought “Well this is probably from PandaJoe.”  XD Your style is so recognizable, in a good way.

Anyway, I am learning it as I speak here.  It’s pretty fun so far.


made a account to point out the link shield in the background, woot zelda and nice trick !!!