Post a tutorial!

Sorry if there is already a thread like this, but I am making this one.

Just post a tutorial of your trick, a cool trick, or a good tutorial! This way when bored people can scroll through and learn tricks all night! I will start with an easy to learn, yet fun trick:

Here’s a playlist I put together, I like this idea.  I’ve been needing new ideas lately.

Thanks for that! Sadly I havent watched your tutorials yet, but this should entertain me for at least an hour  :wink:

I want this thread to survive! I made something similar called, “Post your favorite tricks”. It would be cool to have a single thread full of awesome tutorials from various throwers.

I just learned Marbles by the way… thanks for that Dingo. I omit the wrist mount to GT suicide though… I already burned through 4 strings trying it. lol.

Let me post tutorials for the tricks I have been doing recently:

Post Some Tutorials Everyone!!!

5a ninja vanish, fairly simply if you already know ninja vanish, so even if you don’t know 5a, it will look like you do. ;D

This is a trick I made up a while back, my videos are a lot better now though >.<