Rusted Bearing

O.K. I have this bearing and I decided to clean it. I clean my other bearings in vinegar and they work extremely well. But this time when I cleaned my other bearing, 2 minutes later it would become super responsive and rusty.

Like seriously, if you look at rusted metal in google, my bearing is EVEN more rusted. Like the whole bearing is red/brown.

So anyone help and explain why? Like this is the only bearing that happened and not to other bearings.

well… dont use vinegar. PRETTY SURE IT HAS A BIT OF WATER

you need to use white vinegear, I use white vinegear too,

Vinegar is an acid. Acids tend to cause metal to oxidize. Rust is oxidation.

Moral of the story - don’t use vinegar to clean your bearings, unless of course you want to promote oxidation.

lol, I am quite sure metals dissolve in acid to form salt and hydrogen gas…

Well why do my other bearings not rust? And also, vinegar is to take rust OFF bearings, not on.,17749.0.html

So the main question is why do my other bearings not rust and this one rusted? I can take the rust off but it appears again after 2 minuets.

Because you don’t rinse, dry, and oil it fast enough after letting it sit in vinegar.
Maybe you’re doing something a little bit different.
Maybe the composition of the steel is a little bit different.

Seems to me you should only be putting rusty bearings in the vinegar. This particular bearing must be a very low quality bearing. Everything was cleaned off and then the moisture had nothing in it’s way to stick to your bearing thus rusting it. Try lubing and not running them dry.

Thanks guys. My bearings ok now, and I found out why.
Icthus said it all. I didn’t lube it. Haha.