Bearing help

I need help with cleaning my bearing because I know what to use just cant afford it and I dont want to mess up my yoyo so all I did is got a Kleenex and a small Flathead and rubbed it around making sure not to tear the Kleenex. sorry to bother just need a little help.

Preston :wink:

If you really can’t afford them, (mineral spirits and paint thinner are really cheap), you can try vinegar.

If you’re using a stainless steel bearing, it should work fine, it can still last as long, spin as long. But if you use it in a steel bearing the wrong way, it’ll rust. You gotta experiment with vinegar to help you preventing rust in your bearing.

A small can of lighter fluid is about $1.50. A pint of mineral spirits should be under $3.00.

It’s worth the little bit of cash you put in it. I would suggest putting a couple of dollars investing in some mineral spirits that way you don’t risk getting more crud in your bearing.

you could also throw in a ton of lube and play it for 3 hours. i did that before i could clean bearings

You can cut that down to 1 hour by Gyro Flopping.