what can i use on my bearings.

alright so i got some bearings in my duncan yoyos that are stock and i know they are really lubed and what not never cleaned them or anything they are black and rusty on the out side shell would cleaning them get rid of that? and what can i use other than mineral spirits and liter fluid? get to me soon plz i need them fixed up soon.

If you use mineral spirits or lighter fluid it wont get the rust off the bearing but that dosen’t affect play and I think mineral and lighter fluid are equal :smiley:

ya but i dont have those, and i found out what to use to get the rust but idk if its cleaning the bearing or lubing it. its three in one oil.

three in one makes a bearing more responsive. it’s the equivalent of thick lube.
you could use it to get rid of the rust if you want, then clean it. just go to a hardware store and pick up some mineral spirits.

ight cool.

actually, rust does affect play, me freinds bearing is rusted out, and its super responsive, and screechy. threw in a spec bearing, it was perfect

To remove rust, use vinegar. Make sure you clean it properly. Vinegar can also clean the bearing while removing rust. But to remove rust, you have to let it settle in vinegar for around 24 hours.

the three in one oil destroys all the rust in a matter of mins. and im just going to get some mineral spirits
and clean the three in one oil out.

Here if its rusty do this, http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,17749.0.html , then clean it with mineral spirits or lighter fluid.

i like it, thank you.

Weird. The link you postes is exactly where I got my information from. The link says use vinegar.

Ya I know but I’m not copying other peoples’ ideas, I give it to them straight from the source.