Run De-Shielded?

I tried to search this but it did not really help.

Do people run their bearings de-shielded?

Like, take the shields off and put it back in the yo-yo and play?

After searching for “De-Shield” I got the impression that some people do.
It would be easier to clean, and probably create less over all friction for a longer spin, but I would think it would get dirty faster too.

It’s all preference. I keep them on. Those that don’t say that the bearing is protected well enough by the yoyo body.

I just tried it and it seems like it sleeps longer.

May just be me though

It all depends for me. I find it to be a pain in the butt to take them off on an A-Sized bearing so I normally keep them off on them, but most of my C-Bearings have them on unless it took me forever to get them off.

I’m lazy and don’t like work.

I leave them off

After some testing, I am convinced that it sleeps longer.

I don’t know that it really does, but I am convinced.

It doesn’t. I can promise you

Yea, it doesn’t… your brain just wants to THINK that it does. There’s no proof that deshielded bearings actually spin longer than shielded ones, from my experience deshielded bearings just let debris get into the bearing easier and removes the hassle of taking out the c-clip and shield when lubing or cleaning the bearing.