Center track bearing harder to de-shield?

Anyone else had this problem? I recently wet to clean all my bearings and had no problem de-shieLding the flat ones i had but the 2 center tracks were way different. One side on each Center Track was easy to de-shield but the other one wouldnt come off no matter what i did. I’ll prolly try and do it again in the next few days.

Yes centre tracks are harder to deshield. I think it is because the outer wall is thicker then most bearings.

I have the same issue deshielding most bearings. One side comes off easy, the other does not. Various brands, kinds of bearings, same issue. Sometimes it’s just hard to get that other clip!

Be patient and use a sharp needle or pin and be in a well lit place and be careful not to lose the C-clip!

Honestly it doesn’t matte if you lose the c-clip. You don’t really need shields on the bearing as the yoyo side protect it from dirt. Ilyy doesn’t even ship there bearings with shields any more from my understanding.

I don’t entirely agree or disagree. I personally prefer the shields to be on the bearings. That’s my preference. For me environment, the more I can stack things in my favor of keeping something clean, I’ll take it.

I can’t say how many people I’ve heard say what you just said regarding the shields. I mean, there’s numbers of people who have said you don’t need the shields. I just don’t keep counts of that sort of thing. But, it’s been quite a few.

It would be wierd if you said something like ‘‘your the 17 person who has tried to tell me that’’.

Thanks guys I just wanted to make sure i wasnt the only one with this problem. Ive heard more people say that you dont need them than people who say you do, but i feel the same as studio42 on the subject.

now I have a quick question, for you guys, do you really need both shields off when you clean the bearing? cause I would always only take one of them off to save the trouble of finagling with those c-clips

I suppose not but whenever I clean my bearings I allways de-sheild both sides and just leave them off. My friend puts the shield back on with the clip…that would drive me mad trying to do that, hehe. When cleaning it I am sure that both shields off would be eaiser but just one should be fine as well I would assume. I have allways heard, from experts as well, you should de-shield both sides when you go to clean…then the re-shielding is up to you. Hey in a very small amount…I am decreasing center weight, hehe.

Yes it is better, but I doubt it would make a huge difference.

If you don’t de-shield both sides, it can be a little bit more difficult to get the stuff out of the bearing you may be trying to clean out. Let the mineral spirits or lighter fluid fully penetrate. If you shake things up, this is where having the shields completely out will help move the bad stuff out, as well as when you dry and use compressed air to finish up.

when you guys dry your bearings with compressed air do you blow into the middle with it? Like the ball part or just use the compressed air to get the bearing moving really fast?

I put the straw about an inch away from the bearing aimed at the place where the balls are and spray in short bursts, flip the bearing over and repeat. I also let the bearing sit for at least 15 minutes on a paper towel to wick away the cleaning solution. I usually end up waiting like 30 minutes or more as I typically go do something else while I wait for it to dry.

I don’t pay attention to how it’s spinning. I’m more concerned about getting the stuff OUT.

ok that makes sense. I had just heard of people spinning the bearings to dry them out and was curious if you used the air to spin them faster and dry them out

I do both. After I blow them out, I spin it for a couple of minutes. I’ll just watch some TV and try to keep the bearing spinning for as long as possible and as much as possible for the period of time between commercial breaks. It’s probably more time than I need but it’s not spinning 100% of the time either. I also flip it at least once.

ok cool thanks for the info!!