My bearing started making weird noises after about a month. Many people suggested I clean my bearing. I watched a video describing how to do it and it said that you should desheild your bearing. I wanted some advice about whether I should desheild the bearing completely . I have also heard that you can just desheild one side and it works just as well.


Remove both shields. If you don’t, your cleaning won’t work as well.

Whether or not you put the shields back on, that’s your choice. I prefer shields on, but that is my choice.

Another OPINION. I’ve never removed both and things work just fine, unless you have a case of OCD.

I might not have a case, but I’m sure I got a couple of cans of OCD nearby!

I often use compressed air to blow out the bearings. I kinda want that stuff I’m trying to get rid of to keep flying AWAY from me, not back through the bearing.

I always use air to blow dry it. If your cleaning is doing it’s job, all you should be doing is blowing the solvent dry.

I de-shield both sides and leave them off. I use lighter fluid to clean, canned air to blow them out, and a pin prick of thin lube for durability. I like to spin my freshly cleaned bearings on a paint brush for a minute or two before placing them back into the yoyo.

One thing I cannot stress enough is eye protection!! I almost lost an eye de-shielding a bearing before. I use an Xacto knife to remove the shields, and the tip snapped off of my knife and hit my upper eyelid.