rubiks cube

I know a lot of you guys out there know how to succesfully complete a rubiks cube, so i was wondering if i could have some help with my 3x3. I cant get very far, but i can do the white cross in the beginning. Does anybody have clear directions for the next part? Thank You.

i know a bunch of people in this forum can do it

Have you tried the Rubik’s cube website? They have directions there, and that’s how I learned it. If you position the piece where its supposed to go, and then put that corner on the left, with the white cross on the bottom, you can do: l’u’lu until its correctly oriented.

GOT IT! thanks. but does anybody have a really clear video for the third layer with the bottom to finish the cube. i cant fin a good one

Check out dan brown’s 3x3 tutorial. It’s not how speed cubers solve their cubes, but it’s a good method for beginners.

Check out “BadMephisto” on YouTube. He will take you from the basic beginner solve all the way up to advanced speed cubing methods, if you’re interested. Good luck. :wink:

Definitely badmephisto. This guy is clear and has videos for all levels, just don’t buy a type A cube because he likes them. Anyways, I learned from him and my average is around 16 seconds now.

DEFINATELY DON’T BUY A TYPE A!!! Start with something like the YJ Sulong or shengshou aura. You can go straight to a guhong 2 or zhanchi, but just know that a faster cube won’t make you magically fast, its the cuber not the cube. (Though bad cubes slow down a fast cuber)

I average 15 seconds fyi.

Agreed. Personally I went straight to a zhanchi. If I were you I would get a Zhanchi, I have no regrets about how I started. I average in the low 12 range after 10 months, so starting with a good cube definitely won’t hurt you. I now use a weilong, but trust me when I say it will be far to fast at this stage. I have trouble controlling it on occasion and I average around 7TPS.

Long story short, get a zhanchi. You won’t regret it

yeah don’t start of a weilong hahaha gosh that’d be horrific, I’m hoping to get one of those for xmas :slight_smile: I still prefer my guhong v2 over my zhanchi any day though.

I’ve got some cubes up on my BST if anyone’s interested.,69559.0.html

I have good starters cubes and advanced cubes.

EDIT… not really anymore

I highly recommend badmephisto over Dan Brown. Dan Brown’s method is slow and makes it a lot harder to branch out to speed cubing methods, whereas Badmephisto’s will help you branch out to more advanced methods later on.