Rubik's cube = skill toy?

i think that it is a skill toy but WHO CARES if it is or not

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To me a game implies a competition with multiple players.
If a object is meant to be played with for entertainment and requires skills to be developed in order to be good at it, then I think it’s a skill toy.
And yes you can turn anything into a game just as you can make pretty much anything a toy.

But is responsive freehand 5A or 0A? 05A? 50A?

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That’s a perfectly valid definition of “skilltoy” to adopt. It is not, however, the generally accepted definition. But then, not everyone cares about adhering to convention just to foster clear communication with others. :man_shrugging:

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It still is a weapon.


I consider the rubies cube a puzzle. It starts out a certain way, gets messed up and you need to rearrange it. Given speed cubes and such, it comes close but I don’t think of it as a skill toy.

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I always classed my Rubik’s Cube as a paperweight. It makes an excellent paperweight.



That’s why I started by saying “to me…”. It’s my opinion. I also didn’t write the dictionary and I have no clue what other people think.

Well, you hang around speedcube forums and yoyo forums (and/or other skilltoy forums) long enough, you come to learn/understand what the accepted definitions for these things are. No need to guess or read people’s minds or invent one’s own definitions. I think google and wikipedia are also useful resources for filling in the gaps.

Are you trying to be rude?


Then try harder not to be