Rubik's cube = skill toy?

Earlier I made a thread on if magic was a skill toy, and I’m back with another one; Is the Rubik’s cube a skill toy? I think so because 1: It’s a toy, 2: just like yoyo, you have to remember stuff do get where you want to, and 3: it’s fun. So what’s your opinion?

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Get a mirror so you can see the back
Of your head.

Look for the small red knob that says ‘thinking Intensity’.

Carefully turn the knob counterclockwise until your ‘think’ process diminishes.

Otherwise, half the objects on Earth will be considered ‘Toys’.

PS… to actually answer your question>

I would not classify a Cube as a toy.

I would classify it as a Game.


That would be my second guess.

It’s a toy and requires skill.


So…. My Samurai swords are toys too.

They are fun and require skill, right?

Mangos are also toys. They are fun and require Great skill to peel the skin off using only your thumbs.

My work boots are also toys. Because they are fun and tying the shoe strings using only one hand can be very challenging.

…And likewise, Monopoly is also a ‘toy’. Especially if you play the entire game balancing the board, the money and all the little hotels on your lap or in your hands.

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Swords aren’t toys.

A mango isn’t a toy.

Boots aren’t toys.

Monopoly is a board game. Comeon man, why would any sane person think of the objects you listed as a toy?
But the point you’ve made about balancing the monopoly board is good.

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So to answer the question if a Rubiks Cube is a skilltoy we first need to agree on the definition of what’s a skilltoy. Wikipedia has an article on it and I fully agree with their definition. Please check it out: List of skill toys - Wikipedia

A skill toy is an object or theatrical prop used for dexterity play or an object manipulation performance. A skill toy can be any static or inanimate object with which a person dances, manipulates, spins, tosses, or simply plays. Most skill toys are played alone, although some can be played with multiple people (such as footbag, juggling, and jump rope).

I don’t consider swords a toy because a sword is a weapon, but if we forget the weapon part then yes sure, I can see how a sword or similar sword shaped objects can be a skilltoy. You can swing it around in skillful ways, throw and catch it, you can use two swords at once to create awesome visual effects etc.

Same with the shoelaces you brought up. Check out this firefighter

He is throwing a knot which is called a clove hitch. I can absolutely see how you could turn a rope into a skilltoy. You could throw awesome knots with it and make cool tricks with it. But in the case of the firefighter his rope is clearly a tool to save life with and not a toy. But if he wasn’t a firefighter then ropes can absolutely be skilltoys. Same for your boots shoelaces (but that’d be a lame toy, who wants to see someone tie knots on their boots haha).

So let’s go back to the Rubiks Cube. To me it fits to the description of what a skilltoy is.

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Hmmm. That’s so relative.
Anything could be a toy when held in the proper hands.

I like this idea:

That can make relativism less important.

That’s ok.

I don’t place much importance on most of my relatives, anyway.

Relatively speaking, that is.:thinking:


What is the reason to classify it?

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Hahahaha I was thinking about that.
Let it be a Rubik’s cube. That’s Fine.

I try to make this the last post😂

If a rubiks cube was solved on a computer or on a smartphone as an app then yes, it would be a only a game. But this game is played on a physical rubiks cube and these things can take skill to move and turn around. Please look at this tutorial. You don’t have to watch the entire video, it’s enough if you just skim through it.

You can see how the man in the video explains different grips and how to use your individual fingers. This requires skill. Especially when done quick.
By calling it a game you put the rubiks cube on the same level like chess. You disregard the part where skillful speedcubers manipulate the rubiks cube cube.

Absolutely! The question is if it makes sense to turn something into a toy tho! Anything could also be a sex toy… but… is it really necessary/a good idea😂 ?

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Lasso = tool
Trick rope = skill toy



Any toy I’ve learned enough with becomes a tool for self expression.


The Rubik’s Cube is generally classified as a puzzle. More specifically, a twisty puzzle.

Puzzles are a specialized branch of toys in that they have a “solved state”, and the object of manipulating it is to take it from a randomly scrambled state to the solved state. Dexterity is not a factor except when trying to solve it quickly. The time/speed element is only relevant in the context of competition, either with others or with oneself, but if you remove the competition aspect, solving these puzzles is almost entirely an intellectual exercise, not a dexterity exercise.

So I would not consider the Rubik’s Cube (and its spin-offs) to be a skilltoy; mostly because I don’t think anyone considers puzzles to be skilltoys by the commonly understood and accepted definitions for either.


I was gonna take the stand and testify.

But my Attorney Mr. ZSlane said, ‘I got this Homey’.

The defense rests……


The yoyo was once a weapon…
Maybe swords will be a skill toy one day😂


Skill bill :laughing:

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Tie a rope to a Rubiks Cube and it makes one heckuva weapon. Don’t ask me how I know.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: