Is this even considered a skill toy, and anyone do it here?

One of my friends does with a practice one (not a sharpened blade). Personally I would consider it a skilled hobby (maybe not toy). I enjoy messing with the practice one when I’m at his house :slight_smile:

id consider it Object Manipulation. So in a way, yeah. I love those things and Balisongs are simply the best!

There we go! That’s what you call it :slight_smile:

Isn’t that yoyos too? I like this term better than “skill toy” so I can tell people about it w/o the muggles looking at you like you are an immature person! Lol

Yeah, admitting you play with skill toys and then having to explain to the person that they aren’t really toys but they are – let’s just go with Object Manipulation.
But it is a much broader category than just skill toys