Rubber Powered Models


Cleaned up my basement, and ran across this:

My 7yo boy talked me into building it, and it’s been fun, slowly putting it together:

Anybody else here ever make one?

I’ve made a few. I had one go OOS (out of site), which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it’s a great achievement for a rubber powered airplane, on the other hand you may never see it again after putting all that work into it. I never found mine.

I didn’t even know about the OOS thing at the time. I just made it for fun, not competing. My Nephew actually launched it from the ground (road), and we were a expecting it to come back down, but it just kept circling higher and higher!

I was so bummed! Then someone at a hobby shop congratulated me. I’ve never had another one come even close, but they are pretty cool, and fun to fly. Need A LOT of space though.


Yep, built a few, all the way from rubber powered, U control, free flight powered and gliders. and RC powered and gliders. Biggest rubber powered was a 3 ft. span Piper Cub. Have a Guillows Aeronca Champ rubber powered kit in the basement waiting to be built some day, as well as a couple of plastic kits that never got built.


Yeah man, I used to love assembling models. If I had the space I’d probably try my hand at it again. I dabbled with RC planes and then got more into the helis


I’ve made five or six of the Ugears models. Challenging and fun. (not airplanes but wooden models and many are rubber band powered)


Wow those are so cool!

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