Round Spinning Objects presents: The BOWL - Japan Edition!

From RSO: The titanium Bowl - Japan Edition comes in two beautiful finishes, raw and rose gold. The rose gold coating is the first ever on a titanium yo-yo, and is reminiscent of the premium feel of luxury collector watches. The Bowl looks absolutely stunning and will grab all the attention in the room. So don’t worry about the sweat dripping down your heads while you gorge yourself with that searing hot bowl of ramen!

This Japan Edition run was machined by a different factory from the original run and significant improvements were made to the machining process. We’ll avoid going into the specifics so you can enjoy your meal… you’ll find out how silky smooth the upgraded version is once you try it.

There are two different weights available, a regular version weighing 63.7g (same as the original first run) and a heavier “extra noodles” coming in at a heavier 65.7g for those who have a bigger appetite for more float. More weight was one of the most popular requests for the titanium Bowl. Fun fact: the Bowl 7068 was the heaviest in the series up to this point and people absolutely loved it! The divine combination of the added weight and old school organic shape will leave you floating on cloud nine and yearning for repeat servings of your favourite tricks.

Where was the weight added you might ask? We camouflaged it! The axle hole was made more shallow to allow more titanium material to be placed there. This invisible design element allows both versions of the Japanese Edition to look identical aesthetically. The regular version uses a M4 x 8mm axle, while the “extra noodles” version uses a proprietary M4 x 7mm axle. These are pan fried to a crispy texture and are perfect condiments to complement our signature ramen (we’ll be throwing in extras!)

To ensure that we keep our Michelin stars every year, we pay great care and attention to every minute detail of the presentation of our dishes… and utensils. Apart from weighing them, you can differentiate both versions from their engravings - the regular version has the word BOWL engraved, while the “extra noodles” version has an exquisite fishcake engraving with the Japanese words “ボウル” (for BOWL), inscribed.

Tuesday 11/12 @ 8PM EST.


I usually don’t like rose gold, but thats a really pretty rose gold

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yeah it has more of a copper look, really nice in person.


Yeah, that rose/copper looks beautiful!

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Now that’s what I’m talking about!


It’s such a beautiful throw. I have coveted a Ti Bowl for some time so when Elvin told me he was doing a Japanese run I was so psyched. Color is stunning in person. It looks like rose-gold watch finish. Play is as good as you’ve heard, and I guess a change in machine shop resulted in this run being the best yet. Super smooth, just a joy to throw.


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