SOLD: RSO Titanium Bowl Rose Gold

Hi I’m not an active member of this community so I’m not sure how much value this has. So I will be taking offers and the price I list will probably just be a buyout price. $220 **Edit this will no longer be the buyout price.


Comes with all the goodies that originally came with it. Yoyo is not mint, Im not sure the terminology maybe marks not really a ding I think. I tried picturing it in the 2nd (right side) and another in 3rd photo (right side) however you can only really see it under certain light. It has some vibe, but still plays smooth on string. This isn’t the heavier version, I think it was called extra noodles? It’s just the regular version.




this is worth close to $400 seller beware lol


Yup. Don’t let it go for too cheap! :sweat_smile:

Edit: Retail is $350 I believe. However, RSO Yo-Yos retain their value very well so keep that in mind.


The receipt says 26.80 though! :joy:

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i almost snorted out my nose :rofl::rofl::rofl:

edit: also, i may have overestimated a bit… you got damage and all… i just didn’t want you to get vultured OP and reacted quick


Also there is too edition of the bowl.
Bowl regular and bowl extra noodle.

If you have this logo, it is extra noodle edition. A more rare version.

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I’ll buy it pm’d

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Thank you!! I really wasn’t sure how popular RSO is.

Thank you!

Thanks for the tip! I don’t have that logo so it’s just the regular one

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Sold thanks everyone!

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