Round 2 Starts 10/19 - Scales x YoYoExpert Video Battle

And here we are! It’s time for ROUND 2:


The players are:

  1. Shane Lubecker: @Shloobs
  2. Jakub Plader: @Jakub00
  3. Owen Ekblad: @Nemyo
  4. Daniel Kim: @Yoyosonly
  5. Luna Harran: @Thesonicpineapple
  6. Jonathan Sitanggang: @jonathan22s
  7. Paul Harness: @Yoyoist
  8. Luke Reinert: @lagr

Just for fun - who do you think will win now?

  • Shane Lubcecker
  • Jakub Plader
  • Owen Ekblad
  • Daniel Kim
  • Luna Harran
  • Jonathan Sitanggang
  • Paul Harness
  • Luke Reinert

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It all started on Instagram:

It all started with preliminaries on Instagram via the battle hashtag #scalesyyebattle! 16 advanced to ROUND 1 and if you have not seen the battles there - they are definitely worth a watch. Some BIG names went head to head and YOU voted along with key members from SCALES Collective and the results are now in.

First let’s take a minute to thank all the Scales Collective Judges:

Colin Beckford, Andrew Bergen, Patrick Canny, Ethan Cheung, Keiran Cooper, Andrew Maider, & Mark Mangarin
They are an amazingly talented pool of players and it was really really interesting to see the results between the forum and them - and then ultimately when scores were combined who won!

If you did not already watch the full results check them out in this recap video!

Let the games begin! It all starts back up October 19th!


Heck yeah! Looking forward to the second round!


Results for Round 2 - SCALES x YoYoExpert Battle!

Reminder SCALES Collective and YoYoExpert Forum’s judging is combined for these final results!

Moving on we have!

Congrats to them! Voting for next round is 12/29 and 12/31 (open 5 days starting those days!)


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The round of 8 was super competitive and it certainly was not easy to pick who would win each category for this one. As far as how Scales voted vs. how the forums voted…

Jakub vs Shane
Scales had Shane moving on, YYE had Jakub advancing. Shane had the higher total here.

Owen vs Daniel
Daniel won this one on both YYE and Scales.

Luna vs Jonathan
Scales had Luna moving on, and the forums had Jonathan barely winning this one. Luna ended up moving on in this one.

Paul vs Luke
Paul destroyed this one on both YYE and Scales voting.

So excited for the next round of 4 - check out Shane vs Daniel’s battle here!