Announcing the winner TONIGHT on Scales Live!


Any updates on this post?
Will those who guessed correctly receive their 20% discount?
BTW, CONGRATZ @yoyosonly !!


I counted it up just for fun, 8 people won the 20% off!


Congrats to @Yoyosonly on the win!

AND congrats to those who correctly guessed the winner:

You’ll all be receiving a 20% off coupon code via PM shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated!


I had kinda forgotten about this…

Congrats to @Yoyosonly for the win! I really enjoyed your tricks!

Thanks to Scales too. I Thoroughly enjoyed the whole contest.

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I just realized the final announcement never made its way back to this thread from that YouTube live!

Here was a quick synopsis from SCALES:

In the final round of the Scales YoYoExpert Battle, Daniel Kim @Yoyosonly came out on top against Luna Harran @Thesonicpineapple! Winning the vote on both the YYE Forums end as well as the Scales vote, Daniel really dominated in the Trick Composition field, whereas Luna mainly dominated in the Uniqueness category. Both of these videos were filled with amazing and well thought out tricks, and it really was a challenge to vote between a 1A player and a player doing a completely foreign style, but at the end of the day we are happy with the results and what has come out of this battle. Thanks for voting, watching, and following this insane bracket!

So final results:
1st: @Yoyosonly
2nd: @Thesonicpineapple
3rd: @Shloobs & @Yoyoist

We made some fun medals to congratulate the top 4 placements too (1st, 2nd and then two in 3rd place)! Also shout out to the good people at @sfyoyos as 1st and 2nd got a custom SCALES Cadence to commemorate!

Again congrats to the finalists and thanks to the forum community here for embracing the new battle style of voting. We are looking forward to the next one and learned a lot running it. :sunglasses:


scales cadence damn that probably looks top notch