Rookie yoyo battles voting


Francois Veilleux




Flannel got my vote :smiley:

You get my vote!

Hippos definitely has the most developed style of us all… even for being only 3 or 4 months into yoyoing. Seriously… you’re insane

hippos was beast

Some great tricks and elements in every single one of those. Good job, folks!

Hippo for me!

Too close to call between Hippo and Flannel. Vote went to Hippo for music choice. Florence FTW!


Dang you guys are far too nice haha. Thanks guys

:slight_smile: Hippo was definetly the best I pretty impressed on your style. I’m surprised that I’m almost as good as you and I have been yoyoing for 1/2 months. Keep up the good work Hippo and try to be the best like Hiroyuki Suzuki in a couple years.

YoMasta has my vote

So most people think Hippo is nutty good for 3 months at it, and you’re claiming to be “one or two” months at it (in that short of a time scale, you will KNOW whether it’s one or two months…)?

There are phenoms in the world, so it’s not unpossible, but I’m kinda skeptical. And if it’s true, jealous. :wink:

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I agree, he looks at least 6 months in, because that’s when I learned Brent stole, that or he’s just rich and has the resources

Money can buy you yoyos and even a tutor, but it can’t buy you time and muscle memory! All physical skills take a certain amount of practice and repetition!

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I honestly have been doing this since about the first week of October (day I joined YYE) - but like I’ve said many, many times in the past, I threw for about 1-2 months in middle school (over eight years ago) on a proyo/fh2/fhz, learning out of books. Furthest I got was trapeze and double or nothing. I guess technically that makes it ~5 months I’ve been doing this, but like I said, it was a really long time ago, I didn’t even know how to bind correctly when I started again back in October. I also sleep pretty late every night- I usually go to sleep at around 4-5am, so I’ve pretty much been throwing for many (many) hours a day for the past 3.5 months. It starts with me watching some videos then I get inspired and start throwing, and next thing I know its 4am.

As for brent stole, I seriously figured it out the day I filmed that, and I still can’t get the triangle very big, or combo it from anything consistently. I can hit it ~75% of the time if i pause before doing it, far less if I try to combo it from like that jade whip looking thing.

Thanks for all the votes guys, I would’ve went with Flannel, but hey I don’t mind the votes :wink:

oh and sorry for the wall of text, I kinda rambled, but I like sharing with people where I “come from”

I just like collecting these throws is that so wrong haha

And brent stole wasn’t too bad, I knew how to do hidemasa hook, so I just like only let one string go across my finger then moved forward with my hands then it hits. The thing that made the trick click all of a sudden was figuring out to try to get the string coming from my TH over the yoyo

I wasn’t doubting you, Hippos! Doubting the guy who says he’s as good after only 1 or 2 months. :wink:

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Oh most definitely, I don’t want to come across as defensive, just tryin to be up front about where I come from and what I’ve been doin.

bump for the voting :slight_smile:

man this is considered rookie??