RIP 2A legend Yukihiro Suzuki (yukkiyoyo)

Once again, a legend passed away
I can’t believe it…  :’(
Yukihiro Suzuki, aka “Yukkiyoyo” or “Yajin”

some videos of him:

more videos
my favorite one:

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So sad. And too young.

But his impact on the community will keep his spirit alive.

What happened?

Definitely an inspirational player. What he did was artistry. RIP Yukihiro.


He was awesome. I love that second video.

He will be remembered.

Does anyone know what yoyos he favored for his performances?? Ive been trying to figure that out for a while…

I am happy someone had the chance to make this thread in respect to him.

Many players here on Yoyoexpert will not know of him because was apart of the generation between 2000-2003, he was a gifted performer of 2a and one of the best.

Rest in peace Yukihiro Suzuki. You will be missed. :’(

Always sad when the community loses someone important.

I have to admit, I’ve only been in this almost 14 months now, staring May of 2011. Unlike many who are fully “embracing” all things yoyo, I’m not quite there yet. My work and life prevents me from doing adequate research to find out about such amazing players. What saddens me is that I seem to be learning about a LOT of people when it comes to their passing.

Although I never heard about him until last week when it happened, I’m at least grateful that people are not only posting this, but posting links to other information, especially videos, so that others such as myself can see and appreciate who these people were. I’ve been downloading the videos and watching them. It just makes me want to get more into 2A.

I think maybe more of us should spend a bit more time learning our yoyo history. In this case, those who learn their history are rewarded by being able to repeat some of what we’ve learned. I have a feeling we could have learned a lot more for Yukihiro Suzuki.

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He used to be in yomega team along with Shinji, Pat Mitchell and many others, so my best guess is he is most likely to use raiders or fireballs.

I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge (I’ve only been yoyoing for 11 months now) but…is he related to Hiroyuki?

nope, as far as I’m concerned