National Breakthrough

May years ago, Gabe as sector Y released this video featuring footage from US nationals 2001 as well as footage from other players around the world of the time.

This video features amazing players such as Eveech, Jason Lee, and Yukihiro Suzuki (RIP).

Its interesting to see that despite this footage being over ten years old, the concepts and ideas being used are still highly difficult for todays standards.

I used to watch this video almost every day when it was available for download, gave me tons of inspiration. Maybe you will find inspiration as well.

Thought I would share.


what happened to yukihiro suzuki? He was on the yomega website for a while.

Wow, that was a really cool video. I always forget the level of play that was actually happening in 01/02, since it’s before my time. Really fun to watch though (and see what people looked like a decade ago).

The kicking trick in particular was awesome.

Passed away on wednesday :frowning:

I really really enjoy this. It’s very interesting seeing players from that long ago and there styles compared to today. Like Mark Montgomery’s style is completely different now compared then. This may be one of my favorite videos ever.

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thanks jayyo. i love old-school yo-yoing. always inspiring.

Much needed reminder, Thanks Jayyo!