Rice stacks

Would Rice stacks fit on a g5?
I’m wondering this because of the way the metal curves not to far from the spot that has the hubstack bearing.

yes. I have some on mine.
rice stacks should fit on any hubstacked yoyo. the only exception is a pgm, which with a very easy mod, it can fit them too.
and the curve starts happening like a good 1/2" or so from the bearing.

Everyone has their own opinion and mine is… That I love having RiceStacks on my G5 (I haven’t taken pic yet but It’s Auqa w/Trans. Purple RiceStacks) I think the G5 looks sharp with the Ricestacks, they open up the hub area making it easier to get to the IRG for the Great Thumb Grinds. But like I said I haven’t gotten that pic yet, But I did a google search and found this pic

Hope this Pic is Ok, If not do what needs tobe done and send me a mess to let me know Thank You

I agree ricestacks not only add great aesthetic value to the yoyo but they definitely open up the IRG area for more feasible Thumb Grinds.

With that sacrifices the ease of Stack catches. But this only makes you better at it. I’m still working on catching the ricestacks. Albeit I don’t focus on practicing this a whole lot.

For the future…ricestacks fit all hubstacked yoyo’s without modification other than the PGM.

what do you have to do to get ricestacks to fit on a pgm

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