Rhode Island Yo-Yo Club (See New Thread)

Sadly, because I go off to college in late August, I won’t be able to run the Rhode Island Yo-Yo Club any longer.  :frowning:

However! RIYYC is in good hands! Ben Alexander will now be the director of the RIYYC. See his thread (pasted below), for ALL future club updates! Thanks everyone! It’s been an amazing three years!

C u then! :slight_smile:

awww, too bad I just went to NJ for my Spring break. I guess I’ll see u guys next time…


Finally! something IN Rhode Island.

I guess i’ll try to make it sometime.

I’ve been meaning to go for the longest time ever since some kid invited me at ri states. Do you guys all live in the providence area? I’m in Warwick.

Club is today!

The two areas that usually garner the most yoyoers in RI are Providence and Barrington.

I’ll try and make it sometime sounds sweet!

Sorry last time conflicted with a date I had…whens the next meeting? ;D

See you all on the 4th, the day after the Eli-Hops event!

Next date posted. Who can make it?!

I don’t have anything planned so I should be good!

bump. you’re welcome.

see you all next year!

Can’t make it today, have to watch the little sis while parents are out :frowning:
See you guys next time.


See you next weekend!

HEY WHAT HAPPENED TO “See you next month.”??? There were only 3 people at club today!! Me, Pj-man, and someone who’s name I don’t recall. What Happened??? Where Was Everyone???

Sorry, i was up skiing in New Hampshire so i was unable to attend.

I was at work :frowning:
I miss my pajama wearing buddy!